Terry Brooks Loft WINS  CBS Mercedes Classic two years in a row ! . . . . .  2005 AND 2006

 2006 Race Results
2006 Flying youngbirds with the North Carolina group, and over 100 mile overfly.
WON 2006

7 combine wins and 2 at 400 miles. The North Carolina group was flying around 275 miles. Of the 12 day bird at 400 miles, 4 of those came in after dark.
We won overall average speed A and B race series flying over 2,000 miles and the Carolina  group fly a little better than 1,000 miles. Won the average speed in the B race series and 2nd in the A race series.
Champion loft and 6th place Champion bird.

2006 CBS Mercedes Classic
WINNING $ 44,785
  6197 and 6198 were raised out of 5068 hen that was 2nd champion bird at the CBS Mercedes Classic race last year.


2005 Race Results

Quality always rises to the top

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