Terry Brooks Loft WINS  CBS Mercedes Classic two years in a row ! . . . . .  2005 AND 2006

My first introduction to the wonderful world of pigeons came at a very young age. The age of 5 years to be exact and my first love was the showy Modena. A classic show bird more commonly called "The Bird of Curves"among the Modena fanciers. For almost forty years the Modena dominated my pigeon experiences.
I traveled to major shows across this country and was honored to be a judge at the local and national level. Breeding, showing and taking on the challenge of producing that perfect specimen was a daily routine for me.BUT A couple of years ago I found another love.

  The Racing Homer . . .
Now a few years later and a lot of good advice from fellow flyers, I have won my share of diplomas and futurity races. The mission continues, but gets a little easier each year.  I have brought in several bloodlines to enhance the sprinting speed like the Leen Boers, Stichelbauts and Janssens. Each breeding season brings the anticipation of producing that perfect specimen. Of course, I said the same thing about the Modenas for almost forty years

   Testimonial . . .
AU 03 IPB 4501
We sold this young hen on Pure Pigeon Auction
Paul sent us the following results :
She clocked 7 out of 8 races (every weekend) 1825 miles for a total of 515 points and CHAMPION CLUB BIRD.
In the combine and concourse she finished 3rd with 215 points the winner had 230 points.
She helped me win average speed Club, Combine and Concourse with 1225.931 ypm.
As her breeder, I hope you are as proud of her as I am.
Thanks for this GREAT young hen.
Paul "Nite-Owl" Hulin

 AU 03 IPB 4501      Race Record
  4 @ 133.818 miles
11 @ 229.419 miles
15 @ 330.689 miles
   4 @ 167.695 miles
   2 @ 229.419 miles
   7 @ 330.689 miles
   1 @ 402.917 miles
      Total points 515


Quality always rises to the top

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