Terry Brooks Loft WINS  CBS Mercedes Classic two years in a row ! . . . . .  2005 AND 2006
  2004 Club and Concourse Results
1st place Champion loft in the "A" race series.
2nd place Champion loft in the "B" race series and 2nd place overall.
2nd place average speed in "A" race series behind by 6 minutes.
4th place average speed in "B" race series and 2nd overall.
We won 5 out of 9 concourse races in the "A" series.
1 out of 9 concourse races in the "B" series.
Won more concourse races than any loft in 2004 young birds.

IF 02 HRP1653
White hen 300 mile Diploma Winner, racing out to 500 miles placing 22nd in the Concourse

IF 03 HRP 751
White hen 200 mile
Concourse Diploma

IF 03 HRP 788
Bastin winner of several diplomas with a 500 mile concourse diploma. She was 1 of 6 day birds with a 500 miles concourse diploma flying in 90 degrees with a heat index of 100 degrees

IPB 03 A 4512
Stichlebaut 300 mile concourse champion with several diplomas. Race to 500 miles

AU 04 I 268
Concourse winner at 300 miles winning the Tidewater Concourse Association Capital Race.

AU 04 JR 4265
Concourse Winner

AU 04 JR 4293
Concourse winner full sister to AU 04 JR 4265 and AU 04 JR 4522 concourse winners. One pair of birds raised 3 concourse winners in 1 season.

AU 04 JR 4505
Concourse winner Stichelbaut.
Full sister to
IPB 03 4512 concourse winner.

AU 04 JR 4522
Concourse winner full brother to AU 04 JR 4265 and AU 04 JR 4293 concourse winners

 The Stars of 2004 FUTURITY RESULTS
AU 04 JR 4208
 White Racer Challenge
White Racer Challenge WINNER
1st RACE
SIRE AND DAM OF White Racer Challenge WINNER

AU 04 I  288

1st Lou McElroy Futurity  
Lou McElroy Futurity WINNER

Sire AU 02 SUPER 234 Stichelbaut
Dam AU 02 SUPER 123 Stichelbaut
FIRST PLACE White Racer Challenge Futurity
1ST  AU 04 JR 4208 BREEDER Terry Brooks

1ST Lou McElroy Futurity  
  AU 04 I  288  BREEDER Terry Brooks

2004 Race Results

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