Terry Brooks Loft WINS  CBS Mercedes Classic two years in a row ! . . . . .  2005 AND 2006

  2003 RESULTS . . .             CLUB Champion Bird
Average Speed A Race Series Club and Concourse
Concourse Overall Average Speed Award
A and B Race Series
Flying with the AU Sanctioned James River Club
Tidewater Concourse

IF 02 HRP1688
White hen
4th place out of 107 birds
Diploma winner
Speed 1219.091

IF 02 HRP 1610
White cock
6th place out of 103 birds
Diploma winner
Speed 1304.709

IF 03 HRP 0708
Blue Check Bastin
4th place in overall concourse average overall speed 1514.985
IPB 03 B 4518
Grizzle Cock
9th place in the over all concourse average overall speed 1358.294

IPB 03 B 4532
White Cock
Won 2nd @ 300 miles
Diploma Winner

AU 03 RED 1424
Blue Bar Janssen
10th place overall concourse average speed 1386.663
We won the average speed in the A race series by 2 hours and the combine A an B series by 2 hours.

AU 03 I 12382
Blue Bar Janssen
6th place overall concourse average overall speed 942.296
This bird was one of 4 day birds out of approximately 600 birds on a extremely tough 150 race


2003 Race Results

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