Wedding Release

The bride and groom can express their feelings of love and joy by sharing in the release of doves, or the entire wedding party can enjoy a breath-taking flock release. As the elegant, pure white doves soar against the blue sky, eyes are uplifted and thoughts are of Life, Love, Peace and New Beginnings.

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The bride and groom express their love for each other during the flock release.

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The elegant white doves symbolize the purity of their love as they soar into the heavens.

Their expression of joy will be remembered for a lifetime.

A dove release can be a beautiful extension of your
wedding vows. Your release can take place on the
church steps, or in a garden area from our breathtaking
arch. You or any member of your wedding party can
release a flock from one of our beautifully decorated
baskets or love heart. Decorative cages set on elegant
pedestals are available for display in a church or
garden setting.

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